Wwe have been very successful at raising our own chickens.   Because of the tropical climate, we are able to grow lots of leafy greens, including broccoli, cabbage, Choy, leeks, green beans, peas, etc.  All of the by-products are fed to the chickens along with a egg-layer mash, corn and lots of fresh papayas.  This combination produces some of the fines eggs in Hawaii.  Egg farms in the USA are unsightly smelly places where many of the fresh eggs are tainted with steroids and antibiotics.  The food industry has become so large that no one agency can oversee what goes into the products we consume on a daily basis.  However, small independent farms here on the Big Island of Hawaii strive to produce food that is not tainted with drugs or hormones.  Small cattle ranches graze their livestock on lush green grass and papayas.  The fruit acts as a meat tenderizer and products wonderful Big Island Burgers.


Our chickens have their own pasture where they can graze free range style and produce the best eggs!  The chickens are free range and graze on grass and vegetable leftovers from our gardens.  We have several types of chickens which lay brown, white or blue eggs.  The egg yoke are more orange then the ones sold at the local food stores due to the grain our chickens eat.  They are feed a diet of egg layer mash mixed with oyster shells and a 50/50 corn mix scratch. 








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